ICO development Company in Canada

Initial coin Offering is the best alternative to fundraising system, especially for new projects and startups. This mechanism is basically the exchange of crypto tokens in return to cryptocurrencies. Linkwell has tailor-made services for ICO development and has a team of experts who excel at finding the best solutions to all your needs. We offer two kinds of tokens; utility token and payment token. Initial coin offering development is in the starting stage now, but many startups have gained benefits out of this strategy. We are known for great services in ICO development in Canada. If you are starting up a business, you can consider the initial coin offering which is a very safe and reliable form of crowdfunding. Investors are provided with cryptocurrencies which are highly safer than any other form of payment. We give you easier solutions at Linkwell and you can hire us to make your work done faster and better.

We Provide the Best Token Development Solutions

Linkwell is a token development company known for strategic planning, execution and support throughout the project for the clients. We put the best of our efforts to make a stable ICO development. Linkwell provides token development solution which is unmatched to any of the challengers. We customize your whitepaper in such a way that it benefits you by seeking the attention of potential investors. We include all your positives and goals so as to brief to the investors on how investing in your project can turn out to be a great choice. Apart from the whitepaper, we create an incredibly attractive landing page that would keep your investors active and engage in certain activities. We also help you with the marketing and post ICO solutions. With Linkwell, you can avoid worrying about trust issues and we help to develop the best token development solution right for you.

Launch Your Own ICO Today with LWS

Linkwell has a strong team of experts who would guide you throughout the process, all you need is to hire us and we will take care of the rest. We offer the best ico development services with which you can gain investors multiple times better than the conventional form of crowdfunding due to the protective nature of blockchain technology. Cryptocurrencies are offered to the investors in exchange to their crypto tokens which have the potential to boost your business. If you want to know more and hire us, you can get in touch with our personnel and launch your own ICO within no time.

What we do As an ICO development Company?

We at Linkwell, offer multiple services under the roof of ICO development. As a potential ICO developer in Canada, we strive to make your work done in a better way and provide support to our clients before, during and post ICO development. Our services include Token Launch Development, which is identifying, processing and executing the token launch service as per the need such as campaign creation, PR activities etc. We provide end-to-end solutions all in one term, including ICO marketing, community building, whitepaper consulting and so on. You can rely on us for all the above-mentioned services.

Initial Coin Offering Development (ICO) & Token Development Services

We have a varied range of services based on ICO development. ICO development is trending and trusted my millions of people around the world due to its safer nature. We keep up with our quality at Linkwell and connect well with our clients, understanding better about their requirements and preparing a tailor-made service right from ICO launch campaign till post-ICO development.

  • Token Launch Development

Our team of experts is skilled in designing a highly standard token model, planning campaigns and implementing the process to prepare for a new ICO.

  • Community Building

We believe that togetherness can bring success in all verticals. We take the responsibility in building an optimistic community and provide best solutions intact.

  • The Concept & Plan (Idea)

Our sole aim is to give an all-new idea that is unique and applicable in reality. We make sure to connect our ideas to your platform.

  • Whitepaper consulting

Our team of writers and analyst make sure to brief all your positives and earn you better attention from potential investors.

  • ERC 20/223/721 Tokens

We support the Ethereum Request to connect and provide smart contracts to facilitate a safer transaction. Our service is inclusive of ERC 20/223/721 tokens.

  • Smart Contract Development

We develop smart contracts which are free of error, reliable and standard. Our professionals are equipped with sound knowledge about the smart contract and the mechanism behind it and take efforts to simplify it to you.

  • Cryptocurrency Exchange Platform

We have an adaptive platform wherein our clients can exchange cryptocurrencies to any of its forms as per requirement. This ensures a smoother flow of the transaction.

  • Cryptocurrency Wallet Development

We provide a safer digital place to store and retrieve the cryptocurrency in the form of a digital wallet, this aids in an easier transaction.

  • ICO Token Exchange

At Linkwell, ICO token exchange is made simpler. Our clients can obtain one type of ICO token in exchange with another, it gives more helpful ICO environment for the new investors.

Benefits of Initial Coin Offering Development (ICO) & Token Development

At linkwell technology, we provide the best token launch services which reduce your burden and increase the prospect of earning more profit. We do the initial coin offering development for startups and projects; we render the best of our abilities to create a successful campaign and earn you the complete investor support you would require. By hiring us, you can stop worrying about raising fund for a new project or business startup as we take care of all the requirements.


  • Multi-Currency Funding

We support multi-currency funding, which lets investors across the world to take part in the funding without hassle. We have a currency converting system through which we could accomplish multi-currency funding.

  • Multiple Addresses to Protect Against Hackers

As the information is decentralized and shared across multiple addresses, it is highly tamper-proof and cannot be hacked or forged. This way we keep hackers out of our way.

  • Custom Tokens in Smart Contracts

We provide custom tokens for our clients as per the requirements. Tokens are of different types on the basis of nature of the contract.

  • Protection Against Token Loss

We help to retrieve the lost token and support our client in all possible ways. We make sure that the tokens are stable and permanent.

  • Custom ICO Landing Page Design

At Linkwell, we create an attractive landing page design for ICO and gather more attention from prospective investors. We offer customization within our service.

  • Hosting and Fund Administration

Fund administration feature lets the handling of fund management and hosting, which enhances better and quality service. Fund administration makes a better relationship between client and service provider.

  • KYC Verification

We help our clients to handle KYC (Know Your Customer) verification. As it is essential for every online transaction, we support it through this feature.

Hire the Best Initial Coin Offering Development (ICO) & Token Development Consultant

Quality in service is best assured at Linkwell systems. We have well-experienced professionals to handle all your needs and provide Token development consultancy. You can hire the best ICO developer today by choosing us. We are rated best among top ICO development companies in Canada and hiring an ICO developer from us can ease your task. We have every feature required at all to manage the ICO development process. As ICO is in its nascent stage, we have a team to elaborate its functioning before we start off with the campaign planning and execution to make sure our clients are well-informed. Join the ICO revolution and get benefited out of this disruptive innovative concept of crowdfunding.

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