Augmented Reality (AR) Development Company in Canada.

Augmented reality is one of the raising disruptive technologies in the world, which can be ingested in any industry due to its vast application. Linkwell Systems is an augmented reality development company, exclusively to help you get AR powered. AR is a transforming technology which can aid your business growth and is one of the leading marketing strategies through augmented reality development. We have an incredible skill set to transform your business to meet future needs based on AR technology. Unlike VR, AR merges digital technology with the available real-life environment so as to provide extended information to the user to make their lives simple and sophisticated. This is achieved by the addition of haptic feedback, infographics and so on within the existing world. Linkwell Systems tributes its services exclusively to engage the cutting edge AR technology into your business regardless of the sector it belongs.

How Augmented Reality Technology Is Transforming the World Market?

Canada hails to be the potential market for tech-based industries. People love to explore new technology and adapt easily to changes in technology. According to TechSci Research report, augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR)market in World is projected to register a CAGR of 55.3% during 2016 - 2021. Thus, the statistics indicate that Canada has a full-fledged market for Augmented Reality technology. Linkwell Systems is an augmented reality company in Canada that has emerged with the only goal to link the cutting edge technologies with the business and retail market so as to enhance optimum user engagement and to catalyze exponential growth. We have a team of experts in the field of technology to help you get AR-powered in almost no time. We are dedicating our teamwork only to serve the world with appropriate technology such as AR, in order to reduce their burden and ease the work in the best possible way.

  • Augmented Reality Apps

Right at this moment, there are billions of people holding smartphones in their hands around the world. Smartphones have become part and parcel of everyday life due to the increase in the utility apps and its potential to simplify certain tasks. It also helps the automation of redundant work we are supposed to do and saves a lot of time. Combining with such technology, another big hit in the tech world, AR is already in its transit to make lives even easier and interactive than ever before. This is the reason for the rise in augmented reality app development which primarily concerns for developing high-end augmented reality apps android and augmented reality iOS.

  • Augmented Reality Software

Although Augmented reality apps in smartphones are prone to get higher popularity, augmented reality software has a great scope among the business sect as it can be highly beneficial to build trust and reliability with the consumers. For instance, AR software for a real estate firm can help them establish credibility with their clients as they could visualize the property right in front of their clients without the need to commute to the location. This is highly useful to better understand before committing to buy or sell property in this case. There are numerous other benefits of using augmented reality software in any sector known so far.

Our Augmented Reality (AR) Solutions

We at Linkwell Systems provide you with quality augmented reality solutions with constant guidance and customer service to our clients. AR technology is an area we specialize in and our augmented reality developers are making constant efforts to link this disruptive technology with everyday needs and areas such as IoT which gives next level customer care and aids to improve the quality of the products and service that we render.

  • Augmented Reality in Retail

Augmented reality technology can be used in retail industries to appeal to the customers and to give them in-store data before they attempt to buy. They can even visualize the products and virtually place them in their house to see if it suits well.

  • Augmented Reality in Shopping

Augmented reality is an excellent tool to analyse any product before actually buying them. There is no need for trial rooms in dress shops anymore, just by using an augmented reality app, the customers can acquire information right from size, cloth, date of manufacture, and so on.

  • Augmented Reality in Real Estate

Augmented Reality in Realtor business is one of the effective tools to build the property virtually in the existing location. In addition to this, the clients can get to see the architecture right in front of them through their smartphones or gadgets before it is actually built.

  • Augmented Reality in Education

With the help of augmented reality, students can gain practical knowledge through visualization. Imagine if a student could actually see how photosynthesis happens by seeing through an AR app in front of a plant.

  • Augmented Reality in Medical

In the healthcare industry, AR plays a vital role as the patient monitoring, assistance during operation, virtual representation of human anatomy can all help to better understand the health of a patient and give them proper treatment.

  • Augmented Reality in Entertainment

AR in entertainment can gratify the users in a great way as it is highly interactive and engaging. People of all age group love to watch 3D films, but using AR glasses to watch movies that appear to be more realistic is something that everyone would be thrilled to experience.

  • Augmented Reality in Gaming

AR games can be more interactive and fun, besides, it involves physical work such as walking or jogging to a place in real time to achieve the target in the virtual arena. One best example is PokemonGo, we also develop similar games.

  • Augmented Reality in Marketing

The trend of advertising and marketing is evolving constantly and AR can be a great tool to take the duo to the next level. With more user engaging visuals and representations using AR, people can get more insights about any product or service.

The Current State of Augmented Reality (AR) in Canada

Augmented reality is being applied widely across various sector and since it is one of the next-gen technologies which has the potential to increase more user engagement as it is fun to use and highly beneficial for the industrialists to reach their end-users and help them better understand their products. Augmented reality in Canada is rising due to its high demand in different areas and link well systems is working to be the best-augmented reality company in Canada.

Why We Are Rated Among Top augmented reality companies in Canada?

Our team consists of capable tech professionals who take the challenge to discover new ways to apply AR technology into any business sector. Our team has its own set of innovative ideas that can be put into action to create a better tomorrow using augmented reality. We are rated among top augmented reality companies in Canada due to our dedicated service and sustainable performance.

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